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A new management information system to ensure data clarity and precision

In the framework of the Graduating to Resilience activity, staff and trainers now have a tool to enhance the accuracy of feedback received from the participants

Mens Participation

207 coaches and 61 community-based trainers have gained confidence in the new Management Information System (MIS) during a five-day workshop held at the youth center in Nkoma-Katalyeba.

Employees are now more prepared to meet the Activity participants to collect data and report specific concerns to field supervisors.

I feel a great sense of responsibility to ensure that information I collect is accurate and timely

Solomon Otale, working for the Graduating to Resilience project

Data and field surveys will enhance feedback received from the 6,600 Activity participants, the 266 Village Saving and Loans Associations (VSLAs) and Farmer Field Business Schools (FFBS) so that the management team can find solutions to the issues raised by participants faster. The new system that replaces the earlier Kobo-collect system, also ensures clarity and accuracy of information since input is done from the field and processed in real-time by program supervisors such as program officers, technical advisors and other specialists for effective monitoring and planning.

Kobo-collect is an easy-to-use data collection tool; however, the system requires that new details about households are fed into the system each time there was an update, making the system prone to error.

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