8 September Sep 2016 2003 08 September 2016

"In Damascus children are sleeping on the sidewalk", Anton Barbu from Damascus

Anton Barbu, responsible for AVSI’s activities in Syria, talks about the children of Damascus in an interview with Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera: “Every day, I leave my house at around 7:30 to go to AVSI’s office in Damascus. It's a ten-minute walk. On my way, I encounter at least 30 children sleeping on the sidewalk."

How is the current situation in Syria? I have recently spoken with a father who lives in Aleppo. He described heartbreaking scenes: children wondering around the rubble because their families have either left town or can no longer take care of them. But also in Damascus the situation has deteriorated. Every time I stop at a traffic light, I’m “surrounded” by many children trying to sell whatever they have, most of the time stacks of tissues.
Is there a future for Syrian children? In Europe we say that children are the future. In Syria, they are the present, in the sense that at least 2 million children are currently living a daily drama in areas difficult to reach.
Do you think in Damascus a child suffer less than in Aleppo? If we really want to say that, I guess we can. At least in Damascus, children have a sidewalk to sleep on. In Aleppo, not even that.