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AVSI on Le Nouvelliste: Rural Development and Economic Empowerment in Southern Haiti

Closing ceremony for the RESEPAG project in Les Cayes, funded by the World Bank and implemented by AVSI on behalf of the Ministry of Agriculture (MARNDR). The program benefits almost 3,000 farmers and aims to revitalize the local supply and value chain. Haitian newspaper Le Nouvelliste reported about it.

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On July 8th, 2014 the World Bank Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer Ms. Sry Mulyani Indrawati and the Vice President for Latin America and the Caribbean, Mr. Jorge Familiar Calderon, made a special visit to Haiti to attend the closing ceremony for the RESEPAG project (Strengthening the Public Agriculture services). The Haitian ministers of Agriculture, Rural development, and Rural Economy and Finances were also in attendance.
The project benefits almost 3,000 small farmers of the Department through an innovative model of technical assistance and local market integration. Each registered farmer receives a voucher enabling them to acquire important agriculture inputs (seeds, fertilizers, etc.) and services from local retailers and providers. During the last harvest, the project increased total productivity by 8%.
The business model coordinated by AVSI met with impressive results and is being replicated in other zones of Haiti through funding given by the Interamerican Development bank (IDB).
The project's aim is to revitalize the local supply and value chain by integrating various community based actors like retailers, banks and educational institutions (including the School of Agronomy at the Notre Dame University of Haiti) along with MARNDR and the real protagonists: the farmers.