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Mexico, AVSI meets Letta: “Emphasis on Sustainability”

AVSI Foundation meets the Italian Prime Minister in Mexico City in order to boost territorial impact and sustainable development in local communities and to promote an integrated approach to cooperation stressing synergies among civil society, Italian businesses and NGOs.

Building sustainable community development together with Italian companies operating in Mexico is AVSI goal for 2014. The foundation has been working in the Central American country for 27 years implementing cooperation projects in the fields of education, family support and nutrition. A delegation of AVSI met the Italian Prime Minister Enrico Letta on January 14 on the occasion of his 3-day trip to Mexico aiming at fostering bilateral relations and holding politicians’ attention to social, environmental and economical sustainability issues.
“Planning development interventions related to social activities strengthen their economic impact as well as their chances to reach the most vulnerable” claimed Rossana Stanchi, AVSI representative in Mexico, during the meeting with Enrico Letta “Building effective synergies among civil society, businesses, NGOs and the education system is key in Mexico as well as in any emerging country, especially in the current international scenario where resources for NGO continue to decrease”.
This means an integrated approach, which has already been tested in Mexico with excellent results and has made Italy the protagonist of an innovative view of cooperation. Over the last year, the Italian Embassy has fostered relationships between AVSI and Italian companies operating in Mexico such as Enel, Ferrero and Calzedonia in the framework of an agreement with the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Mexico.
AVSI has been working in Mexico since 1987 by implementing cooperation projects to promote local sustainable development in partnership with NGOs and local authorities, with funding from the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the European Union, companies and Italian private donors.
In recent years, AVSI has developed high-quality interventions including training for educators and teachers in collaboration with local universities; community development in peri-urban and rural areas through actions focused on education and training for the most vulnerable; recovery from malnutrition through education and family involvement actions whose outcomes have been published with the sponsorship of EXPO 2015; international adoptions through agreements with institutions of the States of Campeche and Oaxaca.
Growing together AVSI en Mexico