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Child-Friend Inclusive Education program for two schools in East Jerusalem with UNICEF

AVSI and UNICEF started a project of inclusive education in two public schools in Jerusalem to make them places that give hospitality to students with learning disabilities and difficulties.

The overall goal of this project is to ensure that school is a place where all children participate and are treated equally. This involves a change in how we think about education. Inclusive education is an approach that looks into how to transform education systems in order to respond to the diversity of learners.
The Palestinian schools are facing increasing problems of children who suffer from environmental or behavioral problems, learning disabilities or slow learners, and they show interest in inclusive education and request trainings for teachers on Learning Disability, behavioral problems, class management, educational tools, and new method of teaching, given the growing need in the field.
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Through the participation of the schools and the training of teachers, the programme will create a more qualified teaching staff which can increase the quality of education and thus increasing enrollment of student in these schools even the ones with learning disabilities and special educational needs. It will also create a network between schools and teachers where they can share experiences and get support and guidance from each other. The project is in line with the Palestinian Education development Plan 2008-2012, by adopting the policy of including students of special needs according to appropriate and specified criteria, and increasing the provision of services and supporting resources for guidance and special education. Its policy is equal rights in education to all children.
Two public schools in East Jerusalem in disadvantageous areas have been targeted. AVSI together with the schools will be implementing the activities, with constant coordination with UNICEF. We believe that every child has the right to quality education which can be achieved with a community effort and with the involvement and collaboration of all stakeholders.
The main expected results are: - an Inclusive Education approach is developed to support Palestinian schools - Learning Difficulties support program is implemented in the schools of East Jerusalem - a school network between the 2 schools and other schools in East Jerusalem with similar method of working is created - training of 29 teachers and 2 directors in Learning Difficulties and New Teaching Techniques in Class Management is developed - 300 students are screened and identified with Learning Difficulties and Individual Educational Plan are developed for them - 600 parents are supported and helped with children also with Learning Difficulties children - 2 dedicated Educational Room are realized for students with Learning Difficulties