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Gestures of peace - September 7

Answering the appeal of Pope Francis, AVSI and OASIS have organized a prayer between Christians and Muslims to be held in Lebanon on Saturday afternoon at 3 p.m Lebanese time (2 p.m. Italian), at refugee camp Marj el Kok.

The prayer will be attended by the local Catholic community and the Muslim refugees with whom the Association is in close contact. The initiative stems from the constant presence of AVSI with refugees and the commitment of OASIS for the encounter between Christians and Muslims.
By recalling the Pope's appeal to all people of good will, AVSI and OASIS invite everyone to join the day of fasting and prayer on Saturday and in any case to mobilize in order to give a sign of hope in a world that is often indifferent.
Meanwhile, AVSI continues the campaign that has already made possible to help 13,000 people.

Support # 10forSyria and give 10 euro to continue helping the refugees: Donate € 10 for a tank of 2,000 liters of water, 2 kg of beans, 2 of rice , 2 of sugar and 2 liters of oil, as well as 1 hour lesson for a child.

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