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Mr. Nhavoto Director of UNESCO – IICBA participates in AVSI Network Meeting on education in Nairobi

AVSI, in cooperation with the Permanent Center for Education (PCE) of Kampala, Uganda, organized the workshop " Education as Introduction to Reality: Experiences of AVSI Network”,  held in Nairobi, Kenya,  from 21st to 23rd  January. During the three days more than 80 people coming from 12 African countries where AVSI operates, (Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Mozambique, Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania, Sierra Leone, Southern Sudan, Ivory Coast)  as well as Haiti, USA and Italy, shared experiences in the educational field. The meeting focused on the way to apply AVSI’s method within different situations and educational activities: distance support, vocational training, education in emergency, schools, organization of educational services instead of the direct provision of them, as in the SCORE project funded by USAID in Uganda.
A relevant aspect was the participation of Arnaldo Nhavoto, Director of UNESCO – IICBA International Institute for Capacity Building in Africa, who allowed AVSI to compare its view and activities with an important international organization such as UNESCO on a key issue for sustainable development: education.
 “Africa has a huge amount of resources, but the first and foremost is  the human capital” – Mr. Nhavoto stated  during the debate on vocational training – “ Technical skills change very quickly, so it is difficult to provide updated technical skills. What is crucial is basic education: it allows children and young people to learn and adapt themselves to the changing context”.
Human capital, so the person, is at the core of every educational process. This aspect brings about a new creativity which is possible in any situation, also in emergency as shown by the Distance Support experience in Southern Sudan. It’s the subject the most important resource, even when funds are not available. So, educate a person to be aware of his/her value and his/her desires will always be possible. In this kind of process, also those who teach are educated to a new creativity.