8 July Jul 2012 1245 08 July 2012

AVSI at the Third Peru's Cocoa and Chocolate Salon with the CEPROAA cooperative

AVSI attended the Third Peru’s Cocoa and Chocolate Salon with the CEPROAA cooperative (Cooperativa Central de Productores Agropecuarios de Amazonas), in Lima, on July 4-8.

The event has reached its third edition and represents a great opportunity to promote the production and consumption of Peruvian cocoa, also at the international level by gathering cocoa/chocolate producing and exporting organizations, international and local companies and other institutions related to the cocoa supply chain.
During the competition “Buscando el Cacao de Oro del Perú” the CEPROAA cooperative has been selected among the top 10 producers out of over 800 national competitors for their cocoa’s quality.
AVSI-CEPROAA presented their products, among which the new trademark UTKKU. The event was attended by the President of Peru, Ollanta Humala Tasso, the Ministry of Agriculture, Luis Ginocchio, the President of  Amazon Region, José Arista Arbildo and the President of the Asociación de Productores de Cacao (APPCACAO), Rolando Herrera.
AVSI supports the CEPROAA cooperative through a project financed by the Italian-Peruvian Fund which aims to foster competitiveness of coffee and cocoa producers in the Bagua and Utcubamba Provinces, Amazonas Region,  where there is a favorable environment for cacao and coffee production. Within this project, AVSI provides professional training and technical assistance to more than 400 people to make them competitive at the international level and strengthen networks among farmers.