3 July Jul 2012 1313 03 July 2012

South Sudan: AVSI co-lead of Unicef education cluster

AVSI is now co-lead of the UNICEF education cluster in Eastern Equatoria State in South Sudan, acting as the main NGO point of reference for all of the State educational programming in partnership with the UN agency.
The decision is a confirmation of the AVSI’s method, which has been at work to promote education throughout South Sudan since 2004, with its longest-running projects in Eastern Equatoria, one of the states that receive the least international focus and funding despite the people’s great need for basic services (infrastructure, education, health) and a fresh start after the war.
Currently the educational projects in Eastern Equatoria State have provided for the rehabilitation of school buildings, teacher training, direct support to children and families and community sensitizations about the importance of education for all children in an area where an estimated 92% of women cannot read.Funding for these projects has come from AVSI Foundation, UNICEF, UNOPS, the European Union and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
In the cluster, AVSI and UNICEF will work together to foster better cooperation among all the actors in the educational sector, encouraging synergies and reducing overlap among interventions to maximize impact. This work is carried out through monthly coordination meetings organized and lead by AVSI and UNICEF with the support of the State’s Ministry of Education.