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AVSI at the European Development Days 2013 with the win-win multistakeholder APAC brazilian best practice

Organised by the European Commission, the EDD are widely regarded as one of the key events in the international development calendar. This year AVSI, with the EU Delegation to Brazil, participated in the very rich agenda, on Tuesday 26th November at 18,15, with a lab session entitled “Promoting Prisoners’ human rights: A network of civil society organisations at work in Brazil”.

The panel was chaired by Maria Rosa Sabbatelli, Programme Manager, EU Delegation to Brazil, the APAC experience was presented in a wide sight thanks to the various speakers: Alberto Piatti, President of AVSI Foundation, Valdeci Antonio Ferreira, President of Fraternidade Brasileira de Assistência aos Condenados (FBAC), Luiz Carlos Resende, Member of the Consejo Nacional de Justicia (CNJ), de Minas Gerais, Nicola Boscoletto, President of Cooperativa Giotto, Italy, and Marco Antonio Lage, Director General Minas Pela Paz, in videoconference from Belo Horizonte.
The panel was very appreciated and was unique from different points of view: it was the only panel proposed by an EU Delegation; it was the only panel proposed by an Italian entity. Last but not least, it was the only panel where an experience developped in a third country and funded by EU development cooperation has been now proposed as a best practice to address an issue very crucial also for EU member states.
Other significant elements have to be noticed: the APAC is an experience created by a local CSO about 40 years ago, during the time it has been recognized by the national law and developped with the support of the EU through the European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR) and of AVSI, an international NGO, involving also the private sector (i.e. FIAT Brazil).
Therefore, in this experience we can recognize some crucial issues of the development cooperation debate: the right of initiative of CSOs, the integrated approach and the multistakeholder partnership, the scale up of a good practice, the involvement of private sector, the role of european NGOs.
And, above all, the panel put the public in touch with the extraordinary experience of people who could discover and live their full dignity: “It may be strange to talk of freedom in the context of prisons, but that is what we are doing. We are investing in freedom” said Alberto Piatti, President, AVSI Foundation.
The APAC model can be exported to Europe and elsewhere. However, it needs support from all sectors, by institutions but also the private sector and civil society organisations.
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