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Education, health, nutrition and food security are our main areas of work in this country, where we have been present since 1992 with mostly emergency projects, due to one of the most dramatic food crises in the world.

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The South Sudan crisis. Since 2013, South Sudan has suffered an ongoing conflict which has left millions of displaced persons and refugees. Political instability, famine, and frequent and constant flooding are factors that contribute to what has been called the most serious current food crisis on the planet. Political instability, severe droughts, frequent floods contribute to make South Sudan one of the 4 countries with the worst nutritional crisis in the world (together with Syria, Iraq and Yemen (data by Global Nutrition Cluster).

Supporting the population. AVSI is present in the Lakes, and the Eastern and Central Equatorial regions, with offices in Juba, Torit, Isohe and Bahrgel. A staff of about 120 people, including local and international staff, are working to aid people by way of nutritional, health care, educational and food security projects. Here, the challenge is to try to promote development against a background of continuous emergency: AVSI tries to do this through education, thanks to the expertise of St. Mary's College.

Engaging communities? Yes we can! Drama awareness campaigns on cattle #vaccination just concluded in Ikotos, Chahari...

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Before and after independence. AVSI's involvement in Sudan began in 1992, when the fighting between Sudanese Government troops and the Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA) prompted more than 20,000 Sudanese to flee to Uganda. In 1993, UNHCR and the Ugandan government opened the Achol-Pii refugee camp and entrusted its management to AVSI until December 1999.

Present in three states. Since 2005, AVSI has a permanent base with its own expatriate staff in Isohe in Ikotos County, in the state of Eastern Equatoria. In 2010, a base was established in Torit and, in February 2011, one in Juba. In 2014, we opened an operational headquarters in the Lakes state, first based in Bahrgel, now in Rumbek.

AVSI South Sudan

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