AVSI in Haiti
  • AVSI Haiti
    Port-au-Prince HQ Office
    Rue Jacob, 17
    Port-au-Prince, Haiti
    Tel: + (509) 2943 2076
  • Cayes Office
    Rue Toussaint Louverture, 46
    Cayes, Haiti
    Tel: + (509) 3631 8853
  • Caphaitien Office
    Village Toussaint Louverture, 36
    Babiole, Cap Haitien
    Tel: + (509) 2209 0643
  • Gros Morne Office
    Route National 5
    Zone Trois Poteaux, Gros Morne
    Tel: + (509) 46 18 2828
  • Cite Soleil
    Rue Volcy, Cite Soleil
    Tel: +(509) 31 34 7274
  • Martissant Office
    Route nationale 2
    Martisant, Haiti
    Tel: + (509) 37 26 6601

AVSI has been in Haiti since 1999, following a request from the Apostolic Nuncio in support of the Agricultural Faculty of the Catholic University of Notre Dame d'Haiti in Les Cayes; today AVSI works with projects on the island with socio-educational, human rights, food security and training projects.

The agricultural SouthIn the Torbek plain at Les Cayes, AVSI provides food security projects, rural development, water and environmental projects. Great importance has been placed on the work carried out in Pic Macaya Park with the assistance of the European Union and the Aquaplus program with Rotary and Expo 2015.

The capitalIn Port-au-Prince, AVSI focuses its work in two poor communities, Cité Soleil and Martissant, where, thanks to the distance support project, over 1,000 children can go to school, eat and have places where they can play and learn.

The post-earthquake emergency. At the forefront following the disaster caused by the earthquake in 2010, AVSI's staff have helped 45,000 people thanks to thousands of donors in Italy and throughout the world and has renovated and built 17 structures, from nutritional centers to schools that serve several thousand children and their families.

August 2021 earthquake emergency. After the earthquake that occurred on August 14, 2021, the staff was immediately activated to provide relief to the population, implementing the following actions: immediate verification of the conditions of the vulnerable neighborhoods in the city of Les Cayes, particularly the areas of La Savane (slum of about 15,000 people) and Deye Fo; distribution of plastic cover sheets for first emergency shelters to displaced families and communities.

In addition to the initial emergency interventions (setting up of first shelters for displaced families, distribution of food to meet the basic needs of the displaced population, distribution of water and hygiene kits, aimed at preserving hygiene and averting the spread of diseases, child protection), AVSI also intervened in support of the population with cash transfer, nutritional, and educational actions (construction of temporary school-educational facilities) to ensure the continuity of schooling and education of displaced children and adolescents.

AgricultureSince 2013, AVSI has had a base in Cap Haitien with an agricultural development project that helps 9 thousand farmers in collaboration with the Haitian Ministry of Agriculture.

The hurricane of 2016. Immediately after the passage of Hurricane Matthew, AVSI has been carrying out emergency work to support hundreds of thousands of people left isolated without homes or food, identifying schools and centers to be renovated and restoring access to water in the affected areas.

AVSI has an agreement with DINEPA, the water management authority, and with the Health Ministry for nutritional projects. We collaborate with Unicef, PAM, MAECI, EU, BID, Minustah, World Bank.

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