Policies and guidelines

AVSI Foundation develops policies, procedures and guidelines that represent and define its best practices both organizational and administrative. They allow AVSI to operate with transparency, efficiency and effectiveness and reflect AVSI's vision and mission. They are binding on staff, partners, suppliers and stakeholders.

Among the policies and procedures in force:

  • Intellectual property policy
  • Key performance indicators policy
  • Enterprise risk management policy
  • Project risk management policy
  • Project risk assessment policy
  • Accountability policy
  • Staff recruitment policy
  • Staff appraisal system policy
  • Staff Orientation Policy
  • Staff travel policy
  • Staff safe and security policy
  • Purchaising procedure
  • Chart of accounts and cost center system
  • Cost allocation system
  • Accountability registration procedure
  • Financial planning procedure
  • Field office management procedure
  • Budget and reporting procedure
  • Cash management procedure
  • Financial statement procedure
  • Internal audit procedure
  • Project preparation procedure
  • Project accountability procedure
  • Fund raising policy