AVSI with schools

Are you a teacher looking for an innovative and supportive training course? Do you need effective methods to raise awareness among your students on the issues of development cooperation, active citizenship, volunteering and solidarity? Distance support and AVSI projects can help you.

AVSI collaborates in Italy with more than 250 schools of various levels, with training courses and educational tools customized for each teacher. We create relationships between Italian and foreign schools, let the students dialogue and involve them in concrete gestures of solidarity thanks to the distance support program and AVSI projects.

Why to get involved in

  • Together we will encourage your students’ openness to the knowledge of the world and to the understanding of current issues.
  • We will find out what it means to be citizens of the world and why to act responsibly and in solidarity, starting with the themes of the 2030 Agenda.
  • We will build friendships that go beyond geographic boundaries, without being stopped by differences.
  • We will learn to converse in a foreign language (English or French).

How to collaborate

  • We will come find you at school (or online) to tell you what we do, the contexts in which we work, to deepen current issues (climate change, human rights, etc.).
  • We provide you with in-depth tools that you can use to set up your lessons.
  • We are available to set up work-related learning or civic education programs together.
  • You will be able to directly know the children you support together with your students, through video conferences.

Distance support program

AVSI distance support is a gesture of real solidarity, capable of producing a change in many people lives. An experience capable of translating global and complex problems into active learning opportunities for students. This is why we promote participation in the distance support project in schools.

One or more classes, an entire school, cover the costs of sending a child from a developing country to school for a year, establishing a relationship of knowledge and exchange with him and his class.

Collaborate with us

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