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We are looking for people who want to be the protagonists of change

Whether you are an inexperienced young person or a professional with great experience in the field of cooperation, with AVSI you will have the opportunity to help people discover their own value, and to grow together with them.

Why work with AVSI

  • For the benefit of people

    Because we want the people who work with us to feel good and be placed in the conditions to give their best contribution

  • The professional pathway

    Because we combine a high ideal motivation with the proposal of a professional path of growth, which enhances the talents of each, offers opportunities for specialization according to international trends and at the same time meets the ambitions of the individual

  • People at the center

    Because we listen to the expectations of each and try to consider the personal and family context of our people: we really want the person to be at the center

  • The growth of young people

    Because we pay special attention to young people and their growth through the universal civil service and internships

  • A learning organization

    Because we are a learning organization and believe that every experience is an opportunity for learning and growth. This is why we offer integrated professional growth pathways (orientation, specific technical and managerial training, development evaluation system, internal mobility and job rotation

  • Our seriousness

    Because we are a serious and reliable organization regarding workers' rights and we offer benefits aimed at improving the living conditions of those who work with us, both in Italy and abroad

  • Trust

    Because we trust those who work with us, because for us communication is empathetic, because we want to generate protagonists of development

Our stories
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Competent, curious, passionate people, willing to grow professionally and humanly together with AVSI

  • Sometimes working in other organizations I felt like a number. In AVSI I felt a particular attention to my personal needs and I saw an effort to take them into consideration

  • I experienced a high degree of autonomy and the possibility of expressing myself and being proactive in my work. AVSI tries to offer an overview and to make you understand what you are contributing to with your piece

  • I have found a great ability to listen, in AVSI I feel listened to and valued and therefore I am able to give my best contribution. There is attention to the uniqueness and specificity of each of us. The uniqueness of each one makes AVSI


Open Positions

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  Country Deadline

Energy Program Coordinator

Mozambique Deadline 16.08.2022

Child Protection Project Manager

Mozambique Deadline 16.08.2022

Capo Progetto

Mozambique Deadline 16.08.2022

Educational Advisor -Manager

Uganda Deadline 17.08.2022

Capo Progetto Energy - "agire a scuola per l'ambiente"

Italy Deadline 17.08.2022

Operations Manager

Mozambique Deadline 20.08.2022

Volontari per traduzioni

Deadline 30.12.2022