Mission, vision and method

AVSI works for a world where the person, aware of his or her value and dignity, is the protagonist of his or her own integral development and that of his or her community, even in crisis and emergency contexts.


AVSI implements cooperation projects in various sectors with a preferential focus on education, meaning that the person is accompanied towards self-discovery and recognition that the other person is a resource.

Each project is conceived as an instrument to promote this awareness in everyone involved, has in itself a need for communicating and sharing, and creates an impact capable of generating a positive change.

Who we are and what we do in 50 seconds

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In project implementation, AVSI uses the following approach:

  • to start from the value of the person, who is never defined by the circumstances in which s/he lives
  • to consider the person always in his/her family and community context
  • to accompany and let ourselves be accompanied, recognizing that we all share the same human experience
  • to involve all stakeholders: encourage the participation of beneficiaries, providers, partners, donors, and the private sector
  • to learn from experience and capitalize on the lessons learned.

Leadership model

It contains all the distinctive elements that characterize how we operate.

The project was born from the need to grow, ensuring that AVSI’s identity is recognized internally and

The leadership model was created using a participative approach which involved all of AVSI’s management team.