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In the context in which AVSI works, it is increasingly evident that the local becomes global and that what happens in one country impacts all.

During 2022 AVSI’s impact has steadily grown, especially in Italy and in response to the Ukraine emergency.

The contributions made by AVSI projects to the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals

AVSI, in its multi-sectoral action, contributes to all 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda. The fight against poverty and education are confirmed as the most relevant reference goals, but the growing importance of the contribution to Goal 8 should also be noted: in fact, in AVSI's vision, work has always been a fundamental factor for true development.
Number of projects
  • No poverty 192
  • Zero hunger 137
  • Good health and well-Being 147
  • Quality education 151
  • Gender equality 230
  • Clean water and sanitation 60
  • Affordable and clean energy 52
  • Decent work and economic growth 150
  • Industry, innovation and infrastructure 22
  • Reduced inequalities 172
  • Sustainable cities and communities 62
  • Responsible consumption and production 68
  • Climate action 172
  • Life below water 3
  • Life on land 45
  • Peace, justice and strong institutions 69
  • Partnership for the goals 300

Projects concluded in 2022

  • 51% of expected results achieved or exceeded
  • 42% of expected results almost totally achieved
  • 7% of expected results partially achieved

Some examples

Number of beneficiaries
  • People who have participated in savings groups, microcredit and financial literacy activities 68.641
  • People who have participated in school activities 355.695
  • People who have participated in extracurricular or extracurricular activities 293.684
  • People who have participated in training activities for teachers, educators, social workers 15.927
  • People who have participated in vocational training, guidance and job placement, and self-employment activities 49.735
  • People who have participated in activities to foster energy improvement, improved cooking systems, environmental awareness and education, waste management, reforestation, smart agriculture 674.735
  • People who have received food and nutrition support 3.063.292
  • People who have received housing support 15.897
  • People who have received emergency support 437.271
  • People who have received medical treatment and psycho-social help 382.632
  • People who have participated in health education and prevention activities 1.970.254
  • People who have participated in agricultural production improvement and food security activities 547.135
  • People who have participated in education/awareness-raising or nutritional recovery activities 1.191.334
  • People who have received support in access to water, sanitation, sanitation 373.363
  • People who have participated in violence prevention, protection, and recovery activities 208.681
  • Migrant and refugee people helped 565.702
  • People helped in war and violent contexts (countries at war, with war zones, or unstable) 1.164.102
  • Officials of public institutions (ministries, districts, municipalities etc.) trained or involved in awareness-raising activities 10.866