Child protection

Recognizing the infinite and unique value of each child, whose development is inextricably linked to the families and communities that surround him, this is AVSI’s vision in the field of child protection.

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Sector Child protection
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Our interventions are therefore addressed to different actors - parents and caregivers, families, educators, communities and state authorities - always taking into account what impact they can have on children.

Protection is first and foremost promoting the well-being and growth of boys and girls in an environment where they can reach their maximum potential and become aware, free and responsible people, capable of understanding what makes them vulnerable and what protects them.

This involves following a multisectoral and integrated approach, implementing different activities in different areas - protection, health, education, nutrition, food safety - with the awareness that the most lasting form of protection for the child is given by the realization of interventions in the educational sector.

The dignity of every child and every person is a fundamental value that no violence can suppress.


  • The infinite value and uniqueness of every child
  • The inextricable link between the development of each child and the relationship built with  caregivers
  • The value of a secure and caring community for a child’s development


  • Answering to all dimension of every child’s developmental needs
  • Valuing parents’ role and their relationship with their children
  • Engaging community as active actor in every child’s development and life
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Some examples of our results

Our impact

449,318 People who participated in extracurricular activities
159,277 People who have received prevention activities; protection and recovery from violence
5,012,497 People who have increased their awareness and self-esteem