Thematic area Women empowerment
230 Projects
Women, properly supported, are able to foster and strengthen the person-community bond with special commitment and involvement. Their personal development turns into development for the whole community

A multi-sectoral approach

AVSI’s actions to foster women empowerment are defined by a strong commitment to act in sinergy on different sectors, which means acting on multiple levels in an integrated way. Some of the main sectors we work in:

  • Education and awareness-raising
  • Fight against gender-based violence
  • Economic strengthening
  • Peace building
  • Health
  • Vocational training
  • Agricolture, food security, nutrition
  • Saving groups
  • Income-generating activities
  • Energy, water and environment
  • Leadership building
We need to start from the bottom up to foster a mindset shift, by carrying out widespread and long-term interventions in order to spark cultural change, otherwise even modifying the legislation will have no real impact

AVSI’s actions


  • A holistic approach aimed at the person, targeting all personal and relational dimensions (family, community): it is fundamental to recognize that all beneficiaries, despite their vulnerability, represent a potential resource
  • Contextualization and attention to the specific needs of each individual person by eliciting creativity
  • Women participation – they should be involved in selecting the actions to carry out and throughout the project, by using a participatory and community-based methodology
  • Men involvement – not only in awareness-raising activities, but also in trainings, in the organization of income-generating activities, and financial management
  • Inclusion of civil society organizations in actions aimed at fighting gender-based violence
  • Expertise in “social work” for women victims of violence and civil society support for the prevention of gender-based violence
  • Strengthening women’s organizations in communities to enable women and girls to be leading actors in social change and actively participate in public life
  • Relationship fostering, that can create space for reflection, a key element of women’s empowerment
  • Implicit “advocacy”: activities that benefit female protagonists but also spread cultural messages

Some examples

79,813 People who found a job/started livelihood activities
114,236 People who have improved their level of social inclusion or involvement in public life
31,753 People who have participated in savings groups, microcredit and financial literacy activities
5,012,497 People who have increased their awareness and self-esteem