Settore Agriculture and food security
62 Projects
17 Countries
3,474,135 Direct beneficiaries

AVSI’s agriculture and food security interventions target countries with high levels hunger and poverty.

Through public private partnerships with stakeholders, AVSI has developed/championed climate-smart and gender-mainstreamed approaches that have empowered smallholders and agripreneurs to become key contributors to food systems, socio-economic transformation, and environmental conservation.

Objectives and methodology

Context-specific rural development and strategic investment in agriculture are powerful tools for ending poverty and hunger, and achieving community-led sustainable development.
  • We support the empowerment of farming communities, better access and sustainable management of natural resources, technologies and services to increase their productivity and income generation.
  • We collect and share information on access to market, innovations and technologies and socio-economic development.
  • We strengthen the capacities of all key stakeholders to ably respond to shocks to their agricultural livelihoods and build resilience of their food systems
  • We engage in broad partnerships for targeted and cordinated actions towards achieving common goals of eradicating hunger and malnutrition, and promoting sustainable agriculture and responsible consumption
  • We have a focus on inclusive agriculture-driven economic growth by targeting and empowering women, girls, youth and marginalised communities.
  • We know that agriculture has an important role to play in combating climate change; our approach values climate-smart innovations, promotes digitisation and value chain growth to help vulnerable communities adapt and thrive

Some examples

Our impact

262.378 People who have increased their income/improved their livelihoods
189.692 People who have participated in agricultural production improvement and food security activities