Sector Environment
6 Projects
5 Countries
41,984 Direct beneficiaries

AVSI’s environmental interventions are based on a holistic and integrated approach and always include awareness raising and educational activities.

Decades of field experience show that individuals/communities’ empowerment and accountability play a crucial role in environment preservation. Moreover, they are key factors for the long-term sustainability of reforestation, waste management, land restoration, and awareness raising projects.

Our interventions

AVSI environmental interventions consist in a wide range of integrated activities implemented in different projects focused on environment or in other sectors as agriculture, education, child protection, sustainable cities

  • Environmental education and awareness raising initiatives targeting children, teachers, local authorities, local CSOs, families, farmers, communities, and private companies through road shows, theatre, sport and play (orange economy); curricular activities; community meetings; radio announcement and program; guidance brochures distribution; technical trainings; app and social media and other
  • Waste management including selected collection and recycling especially in schools (e.g. plastic, paper to be transformed in reusable sanitary pad for girl, etc.) but also in urban and rural communities
  • Composting production for soil fertilisation benefitting farmers and rural households
  • Trees production and reforestation within agribusiness promotion and forest protection intervention
  • Trees production and planting in schools, households’ gardens and public spaces within urban areas for land restoration and as awareness raising initiative (e.g. with students)
  • Land restoration and biodiversity protection including land recovery for agribusiness, bees’ reproduction promotion and other
  • Studies and plans concerning forests degradation and its causes; participatory design of mitigation/adaptation interventions