Sector Education
63 Projects
21 Countries
667,674 Direct beneficiaries

AVSI considers education a top priority in its projects, and dedicates resources to address educational challenges in their context. We work side by side with project participants, building long-term solutions together. AVSI believes that the key of education and personal development is the awareness of one’s own intrinsic value as a person, which is not dependent on circumstances or achievements.   

AVSI currently operates in nearly 40 countries and is committed to implementing projects that promote sustainable and long-lasting development, and respond to crisis situations. AVSI’s main areas of intervention in education are early child education and development, primary and secondary education, vocational training, teacher training.

In the field of education, three main challenges stand out

  • Low level of access, retention and inclusion of children and teenagers in safe learning environments
  • Poor learning outcomes
  • Escalating situations of crisis and conflicts.

Over the past two decades, there has been a growing awareness of how poor learning outcomes hinder human development.

That is why AVSI’s strategy for the education sector focuses on achieving two main goals:

  • to ensure access to education for children who cannot access it, which means addressing challenges like financial hardship, distance from school facilities, or disabilities;
  • to enhance learning outcomes, so that schools are places that truly prepare for both the vocational and human challenges of the world today.


319,845 People who have completed a school year (formal schooling; educational/training activity) or transition from informal to formal education
554,958 People who participated in school activities
449,318 People who participated in extracurricular activities
17,920 People who have participated in training activities of teachers; educators; social workers