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AVSI in Uganda
  • Kampala HQ Office
    P.O. Box 6785, Kampala
    Plot 1119, Nsambya, Ggaba Road
    Tel: +256 312 501604/5
  • Gulu Office
    P.O. Box 785, Gulu
    Negri Road – Bardege, Gulu
    Tel: +256 392 842148
  • Kitgum Office
    P.O. Box 21, Kitgum
    Plot 50/52, Chua Road
    Tel: +256 392 842202
  • Mbale Office
    P.O. Box 6785, Kampala
    Plot 43A, Bungonkho Road
    Tel: +256 393 228914
  • Arua Office
    P.O. Box 1383, Arua
    Plot 16A, Circular Road
    Tel: +256 393 248529
  • Mbarara Office
    P.O. Box 6785, Kampala
    Plot 14 Johnson Road, Boma, Mbarara
    Tel: +256 393 217965
  • Kyangwali Office
    P.O. Box 6785, Kampala
    Kyangwali Refugee Settlement, Kikuube
    Tel: +256 774 776909
  • Kamwenge Office
    P.O. Box 6785, Kampala
    Nkoma-Katalyeba Town Council, Rwamwanja Base Camp-Kamwenge
    Tel: +256 393 800635

AVSI began operations in Northern Uganda in 1984, focusing on education, economic empowerment, agriculture and livelihoods, health, disability, HIV and AIDS, nutrition, child protection, clean energy, sanitation and hygiene and humanitarian emergencies.

Through public and private partnerships, AVSI engages with private sector players, government and communities to build capacity of children, youth and households across Uganda through a comprehensive family-centered approach that builds resilience and contributes to sustainable development, responding to the real needs of people.

Relevant projects

Graduating to resilience project

The USAID-funded Graduating to Resilience project aims at helping more than 13,000 poor refugee households who fled from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and Ugandan vulnerable households graduate out of poverty and sustain positive changes over time. Learn more about the project >

Community Independence Initiative 

AVSI Foundation is implementing the Community Independence Initiative project in the two villages of Base Camp 4 in Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement and Mahani II in the host community, in Kamwenge District, Southwestern Uganda. The project is funded by Up With Africa with the goal to improve economic and social outcomes through a strong peer network of families. The two-year project (May 2021 - April 2023) works with 100 households - 50% refugee and 50% Ugandan nationals. Learn more about the program >

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