Country Venezuela
Distance support
130,659 €

    AVSI is in the country since 2000, following a severe flood which caused thousands of deaths in the Vargas and Miranda regions near Caracas. AVSI supports educational activities in the poorest parts of the country

    Venezuela is experiencing one of the greatest migratory phenomena in Latin American history and one of the most significant consequences is the loneliness of the elderly who remain in the country.

    Since 2002, AVSI has been supporting Fundacion San Antonio di Humocaro, in Lara state, through the distance support project for 300 children. The Foundation, born from the friendship with the monks of the nearby Trappist monastery, currently operates a retirement home for 20 elderly people, a children's educational center, and a pediatric center that also has a dental practice.

    The "Cuidadores360" project, conceived in 2018 by the NGO Trabajo y Persona (Work and Person), together with the Central University of Venezuela, wants to train home care assistants to support the elderly who remain alone. This project creates a real job opportunity for young people who want to stay in Venezuela and responds to the need to take care of many elderly people.

    Among the activities: training courses for home care assistants, care days for the elderly in specialized facilities and public awareness activities.

    According to an Inter-American Development Bank research, Latin America and the Caribbean represent the region of the planet where people age the fastest. By 2040, it is estimated that 5 million nurses and home care assistants will be needed.