Refugee day 2024. The solidarity we want

AVSI stands in solidarity with refugees honoring their resilience and courage and reaffirming our commitment to empower them worldwide

On World Refugee Day 2024, AVSI stands in solidarity with refugees worldwide, honoring their resilience and courage. Solidarity for AVSI means also empower refugees with vocational training and employment opportunities, helping them rebuild their lives with dignity in a new country.

From refugee to employee: Olga's journey to a new life in Italy

In February 2022, Olga heeded her father's advice - "You have to leave now - he said to her - You don't know what war is, tomorrow the borders may already be closed." She fled the war in Ukraine, arriving in Italy. Her priority here was to learn Italian, and through AVSI, she attended two language courses and completed two levels of language proficiency. Thanks to Amici di Cometa, she then found a job at the Doppio Malto brewery, where she works with a regular contract. Olga is one of the 204 Ukrainian refugees who, thanks to the Heroy project, have benefited from targeted support in job orientation and the acquisition of language skills and soft skills. The project was funded by Fondazione di Comunità Milano in partnership with Amici di Cometa and Codici, and in collaboration with Fondazione San Martino and Fondazione Franco Verga.

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Join AVSI worldwide to celebrate the Refugee day 2024 on Instagram

On June 20 visit our Instagram account to read  the stories of Deborah, Ahmad, Jenny, Sifa, Houssam, Mohamed, and Ernesto, refugees from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Syria, Colombia, and Venezuela.
Each story shares a common thread: a challenging arrival in the host country, coupled with the journey of not only rebuilding their lives but also becoming integral pillars of their communities.

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