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AVSI in Lebanon
  • Jounieh HQ Office
    Jean-Paul II Center, St.Fawka Str.
    Jounieh, Libano |P.O.Box 92
    Tel: +961 96 37 748
  • Sin el Fil Office
    Boulevard Sin el Fi – Hitachi Center , 10th floor
    Libano | Tel: +961 81 201 099
  • Marjayoun Office
    Joseph Jelyan Building, Beirut Old Road, Klayaa
    Marjayoun, Libano | Tel: + 961 78 35 761
  • Zahle Office
    Samir Sader building, 2st floor
    Ksara-Zahle, Libano | Tel: +961 81 317 952

In Lebanon since 1996, AVSI works to support the most vulnerable members of the Lebanese host communities and Syrian refugees, in partnership with our Founding Member La Libanaise.

Our projects aim at

  • improving the life conditions of Lebanese and refugees
  • empowering youth and women
  • providing quality education
  • child protection
  • psycho-social support to all children and their families

Education – Child Protection

AVSI Education interventions provide learning opportunities to accompany the development and education of vulnerable boys and girls. The programs include Non-Formal Education pathways for out-of-school children of different age ranges, support to children at risk of school dropout and activities for families and communities to promote the children’s right to Education.

AVSI also engages in school rehabilitation and refurbishing to ensure access to a quality and safe learning environment.

All Education programs are integrated with Child Protection activities, including psychosocial support for vulnerable children and their families, recreational, sport and cultural activities, provision of adapted learning, therapies and devices for children with special needs.

Back To the Future IV

The “Back to the Future IV” project is funded by the European Union and contributes to create a safe, sustained, and inclusive access to quality education and promotes well-being for vulnerable out-of-school children in Lebanon, with the specific goal to promote successful transition into formal education.

Logo Back to the future project Lebanon

Livelihoods - Cash for work

AVSI fosters job creation for Lebanese and refugees in vulnerable areas through labor-intensive investments in productive public infrastructure (irrigation canals, agricultural roads, streets/roads rehabilitation, public infrastructure upgrading, cleaning services, and rubble collection and sorting) and environmental assets (cleaning of  canals, rehabilitation of forests and gardens, reconstruction of retaining walls, plantation of seedlings, etc.) as well as in support of the farmers and the rural communities (pruning, harvesting at farmer level; community gardens; compost initiatives, COVID-19 masks production).

In addition to providing an income to young workers, these opportunities play a major role in creating social cohesion, and help sustaining the most vulnerable members of the community indirectly through the provision of fresh food products curated by the Cash for Work beneficiaries.

Rural development and Food Security

AVSI strategically supports the eight Agriculture Technical Schools of the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA), providing capacity building to the MoA staff (administrative, teachers and technicians), updating the TVET curricula, renovating the infrastructures, increasing visibility and enrollment.


  • invests in the young generations through the provision of market-based skills training programmes, in particular for women and youth, based on market demand and supply
  • develops work-based learning opportunities in different agri-food sectors
  • enhance the literacy, digital and life skills of the youth
  • provides work opportunities through internship, apprenticeship, work-based-learning and entrepreneurship programs, to start-up grants and home-based income generating activities

AVSI supports as well the Lebanese MSMEs and cooperatives, through business management trainings, technical assistance, in-kind grants, to increase their performance and expand the market access.

Response to emergencies

AVSI responded to the Beirut Blast emergency through shelter rehabilitation of 300 units and shops, provision of health supplies through Dispensaries and Mental Health services, food parcels and hygiene kit distribution, as well as psycho-social and recreational activities targeting the communities affected by the blast, especially youth and elders.