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Present in the country since 1984, AVSI has been working in partnership with its Founding Members, supporting the population with projects related to urban development, human rights, culture, education, sport, energy and environmental, migration and refugee, food security, vocational training and social responsibility.

AVSI started working in Brasil in the 80s, with projects on urban development to renovate low-income areas in the suburbs of Belo Horizonte. Over the years, AVSI has grown into AVSI Brasil, a non-profit organization with Brazilian status.

AVSI Brasil is currently present in 11 states (Amazonas, Bahia, Goiás, Minas Gerais, Pernambuco, Piauí, Rio Grande do Norte, Rio de Janeiro, Roraima, Santa Catarina and São Paulo) and in the Federal District.

The main areas of intervention

  • Local and urban development. AVSI Brasil implements urban development projects with an integrated and comprehensive vision both on the regional level and on the single communities level. Its method is founded on the commitment to work with vulnerable people, local associations in partnership with public institutions.
  • Human rights. AVSI supports the Associations of Protection and Assistance to Convicts (APAC), which collaborate with the executive and judiciary power for the custody of convicts and their social reintegration, once out of prison. APAC manage detention centers with a particular methodology, that empowers inmates and gives up on the use of weapons and guards.
  • Energy and environment. Thanks to partnerships with businesses in the energy sector, AVSI implements some projects in an area of strong social and economic vulnerability. The main activities are: education on a more efficient use of electricity at home, in schools and at the community level; replacement of outdated household appliances with low-consumption ones, with a consequent reduction in the bill expenses; promotion of recycling; measurement and evaluation on energetic efficiency; installation of solar panels for indigenous communities.
  • Vocational training. The direct beneficiaries of these vocational training projects are the youth in the poorest neighborhoods, who are followed in their integration into the labour market through "life skills" courses. For that, activities that favor human development and interpersonal relationships are complemented with vocational trainings. AVSI promotes self-employment by supporting the creation and development of productive activities, both commercial and agricultural.
  • Socio-environmental. AVSI does qualitative and quantitative research and intervention programs, which integrate social, environmental and economic sustainability. In particular it promotes social responsibility interventions for enterprises and compensatory measures on big infrastructure works, industrial investments and energy businesses.
  • Education, sport and culture. AVSI proposes educational paths to children and adolescents in kindergartens, education centers and guidance centers for nutrition, using sports and culture as pedagogical tools.

AVSI Brazil and private sector

AVSI Brazil works with the public sector (States and Municipalities), international organizations (European Union) and the private sector, which represents a great support in financial terms (85% of the budget) and in terms of partnerships established and innovative contents.

AVSI believes that enterprises can contribute to a development through the application of a vision of sustainability based on the creation of shared values. And for that, AVSI collaborates with big enterprises to come up with social responsibility strategies and for the implementation of business' projects. Among the major partners: ENEL, FIAT, Neonergia, Pertroreconcavo, Nemak and Light.