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  • Quito HQ Office
    Av. 6 de Diciembre N33-382 y Eloy Alfaro
    Edificio Ziza. Piso 9. Oficina 902.
    Quito, Ecuador
    Tel: 023 923 238.
  • Portoviejo Office
    Calle Los Amigos, entre Chile y Ricaurt
    Portoviejo, Ecuador
    Tel: 096 765 8100
  • Manta Office
    Av. 30 y calle 14, Plaza Forum, Oficinas 12 y 13
    Manta, Ecuador
    Tel: 098 958 4401
  • Cuenca Office
    Tel: 0987253994
  • Tulcán Office
    Tel: 098 450 5758

In the country since 2001 in the province of Manabí and since 2004 in Pichinchain, AVSI Ecuador manages development projects in different sectors thanks to its knowledge of the country's needs and its network of partner organizations

Migration and integration

ACTIVADOS (2018-2022). The community project "Activados" (2018-2022) continues to grow thanks to the support of UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency. The project aims at the socioeconomic integration of those who cannot enjoy their fundamental rights in Ecuador. In line with the community protection methodology formulated by the UN Agency for Refugees and based on the needs of the population, the migrant and refugee community is supported in

  • strengthening the social fabric
  • help vulnerable people to generate livelihoods
  • improve the conditions of homes and community centers, eliminating architectural barriers and facilitating access to drinking water and electricity

In 2022, the geographical areas of intervention are: Manta and Portoviejo, in the province of Manabí; Cuenca, in the province of Azuay; Guayaquil, in the province of Guayas.

HABITAR. A Project for the protection and community integration of people in mobility. Since 2022, with the support of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), AVSI has been working in Pichincha and Santo Domingo, to contribute to improving the skill conditions of Venezuelans in human mobility, refugees and community of reception, through the improvement of infrastructure, equipment in multi-family homes and community centers.

In addition, AVSI promotes integration, based on the strengthening of community networks and the development of local capacities for the protection of rights..

ACOGIDA COMUNITARIA (march-december 2021). Creation of a habitability model through a network of decent housing for people in human mobility. Thanks to the support of the International Organization for Migration - IOM with funding from the Department of Population, Refugees and Migrants (PRM) of the Government of the United States, from March to December 2021 AVSI carried out the refurbishment of multi-family homes, with the aim of improving living conditions for Venezuelan refugees and migrants through support for landlord families and adaptation of housing.

The program also directs potential beneficiaries to priority attention groups (children and adolescents, pregnant women, older adults and vulnerable people in situations of human mobility)..

Human rights

Social rehabilitation project. Since 2016, in association with the Ministry of Justice, Human Rights and Cults of Ecuador, the rehabilitation project has been carried out for people deprived of liberty at the Cotopaxi Regional Social Rehabilitation Center, in Latacunga, through which we promote the development of skills IT preparing interns to successfully reintegrate into society.

This project is co-funded by the CISCO Networking Academy, a Cisco corporate social responsibility program.

As of 2021, with the support of the National Comprehensive Care Service for Adults Deprived of Liberty and Adolescent – SNAI, AVSI is working in the women's ward of the same rehabilitation center, in order to provide a second chance to in-house, providing strong training, information technology expertise and business skills. The Project is managed together with AVSI-USA and is co-financed by the Weyerhaeuser Family Foundation, as part of its international initiatives.