Get in the game with us. New generations, protagonists of the world

Date 05.11.2019

With its stops in Italy and abroad, the historic AVSI campaign, which promotes awareness on dramatic realities and fundraising, will support seven projects in 2019/2020 edition.

All projects have one main characteristic in common: they trigger a change in the lives of the most vulnerable people and bring news. A novelty that is contagious.

How? Who? Why? From Lebanon to the Amazon, from Syria to Venezuela, from Italy to Mozambique, also through the Distance Support Program, this year the campaign proposes programs and actions that "modify" the geography. This is because they bring us closer to those who live overseas, beyond the Mediterranean or even just in another city.

Therefore, they allow us to identify ourselves more easily in those people trying to get out of poverty, war, abandonment, to live fully. However, when this identification happens, another phenomenon occurs. The novelty that takes place in people's lives, sidesteps and overwhelms those who donate their time, work and money to make these projects possible.

Thus, thanks to this unexpected relationship and proximity, new generations are born: they are those children, adolescents, young people we accompany in the world through educational, training and job placement paths, in all the creative ways that AVSI promotes with its supporters.

And so we become a new generation when we - as operators, field staff, donors and supporters - allow the ongoing change to involve us as well. Think about it: when we "handle" news, can we be unaffected by it? This evokes the title of the 2019-2020 edition: "Get in the game with us!" is an invitation to engage, to get moving, to believe in the possibility of concrete solidarity.

It is highlighted by the image that supports the title, a leap that drags everyone: it intercepts every age, crosses cultures, traditions, borders and reaches me, you, us. It is a leap that cannot be done alone, it grabs by the hand those who dare throw themselves, and return new generations, leading actors of the world.

The projects

This year we feature the following projects:

  1. Lebanon, Fadaii - my universe. AVSI's home for the community
  2. Distance Support Program, You are never too far away to meet
  3. Mozambique, Trained to become the new ruling class
  4. Brazil, The agricultural school to protect the Amazon
  5. Venezuela, I am not alone
  6. Syria, Open Hospitals. The third year of solidarity
  7. Italy, The extended house to share needs. The second year of solidarity