Country Kosovo
Distance support
70,152 €
Direct beneficiaries
Indirect beneficiaries

    AVSI has been working in the country since 1988, carrying out educational and agricultural work. We help raise 240 children and their families thanks to Distance support.

    The source. AVSI presence in Kosovo dates to July 1999, soon after the war ended, when displaced persons and refugees started to return to their homes. AVSI worked first in reconstruction and then in socio-educational and agricultural sectors.

    The commitment to education. In 2000 AVSI, having gained recognition by the Kosovo Government, activated its Distance support program for the children of Pristina and oversaw the renovation of four schools and several teacher training courses. Since 2004, the Distance support program has developed through Shpresa and Jetes, AVSI's local partner in the country.

    Agricultural development. AVSI has increased agricultural and rural development in the Peja region, providing technical assistance and know-how. Since 2006, with the collaboration of local partner, Agrodukagjini Network, a network of farmers and ranchers with whom we are developing processing activities and the marketing of agricultural and dairy products.