AVSI in Mozambique
  • Maputo HQ Office
    Avenida Paulo Samuel Kankhomba 483
    Maputo, Mozambico
    Tel: +(258) 82 052 8018
  • Maputo Office
    Rua de Xipamanine, 271
    Maputo, Mozambico
    Tel: +(258) 84 543 5140
  • Pemba Office
    Rua Base de Moçambique
    Pemba, Mozambique
    Tel. +(258) 86 608 3709
  • Montepuez Office
    Avenida Samora Machel,
    Bairro Nacate Montepuez, Mozambique
    Tel. +(258) 87 143 8920
  • Beira office
    Rua Paiva Couceiro 458
    Beira, Mozambique
    Tel. +(258) 86 466 2896

AVSI is present in Mozambique since 2010, working in the education, urban development, emergency, energy and environment sectors.

With 18 projects in the provinces of Maputo, Cabo Delgado and Zambezia, AVSI receives funds from various donors: AICS, UE, ENI, UNICEF, UNHCR,  ECW, CAFOD/DEC, Emilia Romagna Region, IOM, WFP, Belgian MDC  e private donors.

Education and Vocational Training

AVSI has a great experience in the implementation of educational programs in various schools and in collaborating with universities in Maputo and Pemba. The activities carried out include:

  • methodological and motivational training for professors
  • infrastructural interventions
  • strengthening of schools
  • psycho-social support
  • extracurricular activities
  • home visits

AVSI has developed its own methodology for orientation, vocational training and integration in the job market

Urban Development

AVSI works in the suburbs of Maputo and Pemba with a participatory, community and integration method that allows the individuation and improvement of the priorities highlighted by the population. The support consist in an environmental analysis of the areas and the socio-economic dynamics to get to know their state and to elaborate urban plans.


Following the various climatic and non-climatic crises that have deeply affected Mozambique in the last years, AVSI intervenes with emergency projects in different areas to respond to the first needs of internally displaced people. Activities implemented include shelter, child protection, education, food security/nutrition, WASH components and are addressed both to IDPs and host communities.

Energy and Environment

AVSI is in charge of distributing and selling Improved Cooking Stoves. The goals that have been reached are the following:

  • 50.000 improved cooking stoves sold;
  • Institution of a social cooperative with the aim of creating employment in the areas of the project;
  • Local production of improved cookstoves to increase the selling market and local entrepreneurship;
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions
  • Reduction in the use of charcoal and a consequent increase in families’ incomes

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