Cameroon is a country situated in equatorial Africa, where the number of street children is very high. It is estimated that thousands of young people, between the ages of 10 –20, migrate to urban centers to escape from difficult family situations and pursuing the illusion of a better life. However, they end up struggling to fit into their new situation, primarily due to poor education; in most cases, finding them selves unable to locate a safeshelter.

    AVSI aims to reduce this phenomenon through the family, social and professional reintegration of these children and also of young offendersreleased from prison,and to support them in their personal situations, made even more critical by the pandemic.

    Thanks to collaboration with the Edimar Center - a center which, since 2002, helps street children in Yaoundé to rediscover the value and dignity of their life - AVSI supports vulnerable youth in developing job skills, encouraging them to enter the world of work or assisting them to return to their families.