Working in the country together with the local NGO, Maksora, that manages the distance support program in Novosibirsk and in Krasnazjorsk district.

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Founding members

MAKSORA, local NGO founded in Novosibirsk in 2000 and recognized by the Russian Government, works in the socio-educational sector and it is one of AVSI's founding members.

The association was created to meet the immediate needs of the working-class in the Lenin district, which had suffered serious hardship due to the immediate closure of factories, schools and public services. Today Maksora works every day throughout the territory alongside people in difficulty to deal with problems of school, family, home, work, health, poverty, loneliness and integration. For 20 years, the NGO has been accompanying people in their paths of growth and independence through:

  • Reception and social reintegration services for single mothers with children. Thanks to joint work with local governments, Maksora works to manage two reception shelters: Golubka House and Margarita House, which offer a safe haven.
    Since the beginning and for 365 days a year, over 18.700 young mothers have been accompanied in a path towards autonomy, through the creation of a network of relationships, the integration in the job market and the support to look for a house. Since 2018, 27 people have been hosted, 35 of whom are minors.
  • Local services. Maksora is now a point of reference for the accompaniment of children in their growth path and it collaborates with government agencies throughout the territory. Thanks to the constant work of educators and professionals, and with the help of the Distance Support Program, every year more than 400 school-aged children are accompanied on a dedicated path. Many of them come from the cities' outskirts and from orphanages, and most of them have a life marked by abandonment and poverty.

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