Supporting solidarity: in our country we have been working on several projects concerning migration, community outreach and international adoptions

2020. Italia: Building Hope 5

Since the beginning of our activity, we have combined the effort into the most vulnerable countries all over the world with the activity of awareness in Italy, concerning the themes of cooperation and development. In order to face the refugee crisis in 2015, we started integration and job creation programmes for asylum-seekers and beneficiaries of international and humanitarian protection, and we created the Network refugees, which includes more than 25 associations, committed to migration issue.

Since 2019, we have been involved in programs of assisted voluntary return, even due to our involvement in the main countries where the migration journey starts.

Migration and integration

Our willingness to start projects to encourage the integration of the beneficiaries of international protection in Italy, is inspired by the experience with the refugees in the world, either in the countries where the migration flows started or in the transit and destination countries in Africa, Middle East and South America. Those projects have been funded by private institutions and carried out in five regions (Lombardy, Emilia-Romagna, Latium, Campania and Sicily), in partnership with third-sector entities above all with companies.

The integration of migrants through job creation:

  • complies with the real need of trained staff in the involved companies
  • is based on a training course elaborated by all the partners, from the emergency reception centres (CAS/ Sprar/ Siproimi), to the educational institutions and companies; it combines the technical language training and the soft skills development with a practical experience of training on the job, through internships.

Since 2015, 225 young refugees have been involved in professional training courses and 81 among them start working in the food&beverage, logistics, agriculture or tourism sector

The program of Assisted Voluntary Return

The assisted voluntary return with reintegration (RVA & R) is an option available for the migrants who lie on the national territory irregularly, or want to come back to their home country at the end of their migration experience. We are involved in two projects with CIR (Italian Council for refugees) and CIES (Information and Education Centre for development), which are both financed by the National programme Fami (Asylum and migration fund and integration of UE). Moreover, in addition to the activity of outreach and support for the migrants in Italy, AVSI branches abroad or AVSI local partners take care of welcoming returnees in 20 different countries.

The programme consists of:

  • information about RVA&R
  • support for administrative formalities
  • planning of an individual programme of reintegration, supervised also by local staff of the home country
  • proposal of professional training courses before the departure (in cooperation with the Municipality of Milan and addressed to the migrants in the city)
  • organization of the return to the home country
  • availability of well-trained staff of AVSI or local partners in the country of origin to welcome migrants and to contribute, even economically, to their integration. The support has a duration of six months, at least.

A year after this programme started 50 migrants have been reintegrated in their home country thanks to AVSI support (data at 31 March 2020)

Awareness program

The Tents campaign

Every year AVSI proposes awareness and fundraising initiatives through the Tents Campaign. The idea came to light at the end of the ‘80s under a “tenda" (tent), hence the name, arranged by a group of volunteers to support our projects in Africa. Every year, more than 900 events are organized, 270 groups of 3000 volunteers each are involved, and 400.000 people participate. Get in the game with us. New generations, protagonists of the world - The 2019-2020 Tents Campaign >

The collaboration with schools

The distance support program gives the opportunity to the students, not only to face with solidarity first hand, but also to know the world of cooperation and its protagonists through meetings with our international staff or with the children supported (remote meetings). The project and all its correlated activities are arranged by teachers, in order to insert in the students’ career the themes of integration, tolerance and global citizenship education.

International adoptions

AVSI is authorized by the Italian Commission for International Adoptions with offices in Milan, Cesena, Florence and Naples. AVSI adheres to “Oltre l'adozione”, the organization of authorized entities for the subsidiarity of the international adoption.


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