Haiti against gender-based violence

Countries Haiti
Date 12.08.2022

In Haiti, AVSI works with many local organizations to engage the community and raise awareness about this issue

Gender-based violence is a rampant problem in many areas of Haiti and has increased further due to the country's political instability.

Indeed, the power gained by armed gangs, which control entire neighborhoods, has made the women and girls who live there even more vulnerable.

This situation prevents women from finding safe places where they can receive medical and legal assistance.

AVSI in Haiti

AVSI Haiti is working to overcome all these obstacles by partnering with 21 local civil society organizations (CSOs), 10 of which are located in Martissant and 11 in Cité Soleil.
all of the CSOs are engaged in awareness-raising and assistance activities.
The project they’re involved in, "Together for Women," is funded by the European Union.

Activities began in January 2021 and aim to promote the development of basic services targeting women and girls who are victims of violence. This while increasing prevention through training and awareness sessions in Martissant and Cité Soleil neighborhoods.

How to reduce gender-based violence?

It is necessary to support local organizations engaged in the fight against this problem, giving them ways to inform and assist women, accompanying them towards a new beginning.

Prevention activities are carried out through awareness-raising and training sessions that also involve men, illustrating the negative effects of violence on the individual and the community.

Also crucial is creating safe spaces where women and girls can receive the necessary assistance.

Creative activities: Macramé and crochet with women victims of violence

A refuge against violence

Often the aggressor is a neighbor, important person, or gang leader, which makes women afraid to seek help.

For this reason, the Together for Women project aims to improve access to support and assistance structures, strengthening the existing ones and creating new ones.

This is possible through close cooperation with those who manage existing structures at the local and national levels, local authorities and public institutions.

Two local organizations have been placed in charge of this "Shelter Service" implemented through the project: OFAVA in the municipality of Cité Soleil and AJFPDH for Martissant.

To date, it has been possible to provide assistance to 109 women and girls: a number that exceeds by more than half the predictions made (56%).

A visit by AVSI team to the OFAVA local team