AVSI began operations in northern Uganda in 1984, focusing on education, economic empowerment and livelihoods, health, disability, HIV and AIDS, nutrition, child protection, energy, sanitation and hygiene, emergencies.


AVSI remained a direct supporter of communities and partner organizations throughout the two-decade civil conflict in the northern regions of Uganda, demonstrating commitment and capacity to adapt to volatile circumstances.

Today, through public and private partnerships, AVSI engages with private sector players, government and communities to build capacity of children, youths and households across Uganda through a comprehensive family-centered approach that builds resilience and contributes to sustainable development, responding to the real needs of people.

Since 1986, AVSI has remained committed to ensuring the protection, health, education, shelter, livelihoods and other living conditions of refugees and host communities to help them become protagonists, even in their circumstances. AVSI’s established and coordinated emergency response mechanisms enable our interventions to cope with unforeseen humanitarian crises. The case-by-case emergency planning and trained personnel ready for immediate deployment to the field is a strong competency AVSI holds to manage emergencies.

AVSI Uganda
P.O. Box 6785, Kampala, Uganda
Plot 1119, Ggaba Road
+256 312 501 604 | +256 393 501 605


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