Tents Campaign Peace is possible

In the year when the war broke out a few kilometers from us, the AVSI Tents Campaign focuses on peace. Because peace is possible.

Date 14.10.2022

The story of Vira, the testimonial of the AVSI 2022-23 Tents Campaign

We met Vira in Lviv’s suburbs, at a kindergarten designated as a refugee shelter. She fled from the bombing in eastern Ukraine, bringing along her two children and a bag filled with her antitumoral drugs, on a nightmarish night. She was following therapy against cancer and when she was allowed to leave her city on the last night train, she didn’t hesitate and put essential goods for her and her children in her trolley.

When we met her, she apologized: “I’m sorry, I am not decent. I used to be good-looking, but cancer and war ruined me.” She showed us her passport photo, with her long hair, while talking about her escape. She was expressing gratitude for the welcome, the clean clothes for her children, the coupons for first necessity goods, all possible thanks to AVSI projects.

AVSI La pace si può in Ucraina_Vira
AVSI La pace si può in Ucraina_Vira

When we asked her what she needed, she answered with a single word:

Peace, I need peace

Vira, the Ukrainian woman who gives her face to the AVSI Tent Campaign "Peace is possible"

She needs it to come back home, work again, restart treatments and school.

Peace is possible. The title of the Tents Campaign AVSI

AVSI, keeping in mind Vira’s need, chose to focus the new Tents Campaign on peace: it’s possible, we are sure. But it won’t build itself. It needs us.

Peace is achievable, let’s pave the way. Let’s try it by supporting projects that give concrete help aimed at development.

The hug given to Vira, in the photo representing this new campaign, gives shape to AVSI’s desire to be there and react promptly and tangibly to whoever seeks help.

A hug made possible by donors.