AVSI-INTERSOS consortium in South Sudan

In July AVSI and INTERSOS won the AICS call for proposal and started to plan the implementation of the new project that will be focused on Kapoeta South and Kapoeta East

AVSI South Sudan marks a new success with a project funded by AICS

The project AIRE SicurA

The project AIRE SicurA: Inclusive and Integrative Approach to Reinforce Education and Food Insecurity of vulnerable people funded by AICS represents a new success of the organization.
AVSI is leading the project, in partnership with INTERSOS and, for the first time, AVSI South Sudan signed the MoU to start a consortium with INTERSOS.

The main sectors covered by the project will be education, food security and livelihood, with the first two in charge of AVSI and protection in charge of INTERSOS, based on the expertise of the two organizations.

The project will last for 15 months and it represents the first step for a long partnership between AVSI and INTERSOS that will continue in the long-term period, for a more successful and sustainable impact on the communities and the whole country.

The consortium

The consortium is a starting point for this new project, but also a step towards future actions within the country, to guarantee sustainability and continuity to the activities in the ground and a commitment towards the communities involved, who will face quality in the interventions along with the commitment to build a strong and durable relationship with them.

The first step has been done with the launch of the project in Kapoeta Town (Kapoeta South) and Narus (Kapoeta East).
AVSI and INTERSOS staff, spent one full week to meet the different stakeholders in the two locations through meetings with the local authorities (Commissioner and RRC).

Indeed, AVSI is present in Kapoeta County since 2017 and has a strong relationship both with the local authorities, chiefs and communities built throughout the years developing a pivotal trust that is fundamental to access the area and consequently to have a positive impact on the ground. INTERSOS, is instead a new actor in the County and has been introduced to the different stakeholders involved to smooth their access and their activities’ implementation.

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