In Lebanon, we renew our promise to accompany. The reportage by Sara Melotti for #AVSI50

A video by Sara Melotti to find out how AVSI’s promise of accompaniment turns into reality through our Distance Support program in Lebanon.

Countries Lebanon
Date 04.11.2022
Author Sara Melotti, photographer and videomaker

Through our Distance Support program, we might not be able to solve year-long conflicts, or economic crises.
What we can do, however, is taking every child we meet in such a difficult context by the hand and stay close to their families, with an open heart.

“This is what I love doing and what makes our work sustainable” - our colleague Ursula Takchi explains. She has been handling the Distance Support program in Lebanon for years. On this occasion, she is travelling across the country together with the photographer and videomaker Sara Melotti to show in this video how our promise to accompany can turn into reality.

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In Lebanon and in all the countries where the Distance Support program is active, each child is followed by an AVSI educator who tries to understand his or her needs and provide for them in the best way possible. This type of accompaniment focuses on caring for every child, individually. But it also goes further than that: the Distance Support program helps generating positive change for the children's family and community.

aiuta un bambino in libano con AVSI
Distance Support with AVSI: help a child grow up and thrive  
With less than 1 euro a day, you will ensure that a child can attend school, has a healthy diet and access to healthcare.
  • 27€   Monthly
  • 312€   Yearly