Republic of the Congo

AVSI has been present in the Republic of Congo since 2011, where it assists the population through sustainable development projects in different fields: socio-educational, sanitary and environmental, among others.

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AVSI has implemented its projects in collaboration with local institutions and authorities, the private sector and charities, Congolese civil society organizations and directly with the beneficiaries.

AVSI works, in particular, with the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs to strengthen the national system.

Through a holistic approach, AVSI coordinates a project, co-funded by the European Union and in partnership with the Congolese NGO Avenir Positif, to improve the life conditions of children and adolescents infected with HIV/AIDS, and their families in the city Pointe-Noire.

AVSI grants medical, psychosocial and educational treatment and support to the families involved, with activities to increase the income. At the core of this initiative, the technical support that AVSI gives to two Congolese associations: Tayuwana and the Club of Youth for Sexual and Sanitary Education (Club des Jeunes pour l’Education Sexuelle et à la Santé – CJESS).

Since July 2015, AVSI has been working in partnership with ENI Congo to improve the socio-economic conditions of 22 villages in the district of Hinda (Kouilou department). The project intervenes in the fields of education and environmental protection, and in the agricultural sector.

In the city of Pointe-Noire, AVSI focuses on environmental education and hygiene in primary schools, through recreational activities like theater.

Avsi Republic of the Congo

Pointe Noire Office HQ and Residence
Avenue LINGUISSI PEMBELLOT, Résidence Gabriella, Porte 203
Pointe-Noire, ROTC| Tel: 00242 06 514 48 64


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