We desire peace in Tunisia

We support 19,000 small entrepreneurs in the craft, agriculture and tourism sectors to increase their level of innovation and sustainability.

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  • €75.000 Goal

For a long time, Tunisia has been dealing with a severe economic crisis, which has caused its population to get poorer and more vulnerable. Social instability threatens to lead to conflicts and violence, and action is required to promote peace and resilience.

AVSI tries to do so by supporting local businesses in the agricultural, craftsmanship and tourism sectors.

Such projects focus on promoting occupational integration plans to benefit young people and women, on opening micro-credit agencies to manage income, and on raising awareness on decent work to foster integration within the Tunisian business system.

AVSI campagna tende 2023-24 Tunisia
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We support the innovation and sustainability of the activities of 19,000 small entrepreneurs
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Tunisia today: the risk of economic collapse

Adding the post-pandemic tourism collapse to the impact of the Ukraine invasion, Tunisian economy is going through a critical phase. Inflation is higher than 10%, the real value of wages is dropping. Unemployment rate is at almost 20%, reaching peaks of 40% among younger people. This gets even more alarming if we think that almost half of Tunisian young people are under 30 (Source: ISPI, June 23). Tunisia risks economic collapse, followed by socio-economic instability.

Creation of new jobs through AVSI projects

Resilience, innovation, and sustainability are the key points on which AVSI projects are built to support small and medium-sized craftsmanship, agricultural and tourism businesses in Tunisia. Promoting lasting, inclusive, and sustainable economic growth is essential for the country to live and prosper peacefully. This will give everyone the opportunity to have a decent job, fostering, in particular, youth and women’s employment and entrepreneurship.

We want peace in Tunisia: the goal of the project

Together we can:

  • fight poverty through employment
  • reduce the risk of bankrupt for existing businesses
  • offer a valid alternative to illegal and undeclared work
  • allow women to be more economically independent

What we will do thanks to your donation

  • advocacy and awareness-raising actions to promote decent work and reinforce inclusion
  • technical-financial courses for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs
  • professional courses to foster women’s entrepreneurship
  • professional and job placement courses for inactive young people, encouraging them to enter the job market and/or to become entrepreneurs