We desire peace in Italy

We support migrants in Milan with document support, training courses and job placement.

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AVSI for community is a multi-service center open to refugees and migrants at the beginning of the emergency in Ukraine with the aim of supporting people fleeing their country at war. Today the center is a place where people - not only Ukrainians - who arrive in Italy with a desire for peace for themselves and their loved ones, can find resources and services to start again.

 The center has become a point of reference for people in difficulty - including Italians - who are followed in job orientation and training courses.

We promote peaceful coexistence in Italy by increasing the services for migrants at the AVSI for community center.

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We promote peaceful coexistence in Italy by increasing services for migrants at the AVSI for community centre.
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Immigration in Italy

2021 recorded a 28.6% increase in migrants in Italy, over 318 thousand people (Istat, 2021), most of whom were fleeing wars, political instability and difficult environmental and climatic conditions. What unites them is the desire to live in a safe and peaceful environment and lead a life away from violence. AVSI for community is a point of reference for migrants to orient themselves and integrate into society thanks to the offered services.

The center as an integration tool

Migrant people in Italy risk to remain in marginalization state in the absence of reference points , which is why AVSI for community offers information consultancy for access to services already active to achieve full autonomy through work and training.

The center also aims to be a place of exchange and meeting; socio-educational activities are periodically organized and proposals and initiatives from the area are welcomed to support the students learning and workshops to encourage integration open to the whole community. AVSI for community is the hub of a network that involves institutions, companies, associations throughout Italy to offer the services provided by the Milan center at a national level.

We desire peace in Italy: the objective of the project

 Together we can:

• fight marginalization and isolation due to lack of language knowledge and technical mechanisms to obtain documents and to search for work;

• help migrants to achieve economic autonomy thanks to a safe and effective training and job placement path that protects them from the risk of being involved in the black economy;

  • make more solid networks between institutions, companies and associations throughout Italy.

We want to encourage peaceful coexistence by increasing services for migrants in Italy and strengthening the entities network that deals with integration

What we will do thanks to your donation

Your contribution concretely supports the center's services

• information and support for requesting international protection;

• job orientation interviews for foreign citizens with assessment of skills, preparation of curriculum vitae, access to training courses and finding job offers corresponding to one's own profile;

• Italian language and technical language courses functional to work activities;

• training courses on soft-skills and technical-professional skills.