We desire peace in Lebanon

Let’s not leave alone children in Lebanon frightened by the new conflict in the Middle East. Support psychosocial activities for families supported at a distance.

  • 89% Raised
  • €50.000 Goal

We desire peace at all times and in every part of the world, wherever we carry out development projects. In these terrible days, we wish for peace in the Middle East.

In Lebanon, peace can be found in the faces of our staff: since the conflict outbreak, they have been contacting and checking on the families of all the girls and boys within our Distance Support program and the beneficiaries of our projects, one by one.

Since the conflict outbreak (October 2023) schools in the South of Lebanon have been closed. AVSI staff is working in order to keep on supporting children and their families in the area.

  • 53 caregivers participate in remote support groups
  • 54 children received a learning kit with stationary and remote learning activities
  • 50 children have been enrolled in art therapy classes and in the distribution of art kits

Soon 274 families will receive multi purpose cash assistance (125 USD/month) (Data as November 27, 2023).

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Donate now for Lebanon
Support the children, scared by this new conflict in the Middle East.
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Tensions are high in Lebanon, especially in the south, where alerts and bombs can be heard. This is where we recently inaugurated our Fadaii Center. AVSI social workers are calling families to reassure them, telling them we are still working, and to ask them how they are, especially the children. Our psycho-social support hotline is always active.

Parents are very worried and do not know how to explain to their children what is happening. They tell us that their kids are distressed, they hear sirens going off, and feel that the atmosphere in the house - or tent - where they live is gloomy, sad and concerned.

As of today, all the children are safe, but they are scared and extremely vulnerable. We are not going to leave them alone.

With your donation, we can enhance services for the children we support in Lebanon. In addition to recreational and after-school activities, we can strengthen our psycho-social support activities, involving therapists trained in trauma management through individual or group meetings, and using art therapy.