We desire peace in Uganda

We support 160 children, young people and their families to improve their living conditions in the poorest parts of the country.

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  • €50.000 Goal

AVSI's Distance Support contributes to the development of entire communities in Uganda, starting with ensuring education, nutrition and healthcare to children and young people. It allows us to create and support places where peace can be built and fostered: schools, educational centers, savings and credit groups. Spaces where people with different stories, origins, economic and social conditions can meet and support each other.

 Distance support, in fact, does not only guarantee to minors the possibility of attending school, but also supports their parents and their community.

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We support 160 children and their carers: parents, teachers, educators, caregivers.
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In Uganda, AVSI's commitment to peace

For 30 years, we have been working every day to improve the living conditions of families, children and young people in the slums and poorest areas of Uganda. We have supported communities affected by armed conflicts and violations of human rights to rebuild the social fabric.

Distance Support is one of the projects through which we can ensure long-term interventions, carried out side by side with the people: AVSI educators go to the families' homes, identify people's needs and take steps to provide personalized support.

Thanks to our partners we guarantee access to school, provide medical care, help the people we meet develop their job skills, planning our activities with special attention to women empowerment and to fight climate change.

We desire peace in Uganda: the goal of the project

Together we can support children and young people, while helping their carers - parents, relatives, teachers, educators, caregivers.

The support we offer is aimed at the individual child or teenager, but it also includes a family approach. By this we mean we are committed to helping their families strengthen their social and financial position, and to facilitating their social inclusion. This is done by improving relationships between the family members and their local communities.

Involving families in the activities and services we offer, sometimes in synergy with other projects, means working to help them be more resilient and to generate positive change for the entire community.

What we will do thanks to your donation

Your contribution will help us carry on the activities related to the Distance Support program:

  • educational and psycho-social support for children and young people;
  • professional training of teachers and refresher courses for psycho-social workers;
  • psychological support, nutritional and medical support for children, families and their communities;
  • distribution of improved stoves to families for safe and healthy cooking;
  • support to complete their studies to young adults who, as kids, missed years of classes due to the Covid-19 pandemic;
  • awareness-raising workshops on children's rights, family role and positive parenting with families.