Based in this African country since 2001, we work in the poorest districts of the capital, Bujumbura, and in the provinces of Cibitoke, Kayanza, Kirundo and Ngozi to provide education, protection and food to children, and to assist and support women who are victims of violence.


"Educating the next generations is the strong point of our work, we build a better future together because they are not afraid to learn and work with their families on the road to resilience"

Monica Treu, AVSI in Burundi

The future of children. Education is one of the important sectors of AVSI's work in Burundi. We carry out numerous projects aimed at improving the living conditions and education of young people, carried out with the support of, among others, the European Union, the Italian Foreign Ministry and Unicef. Thanks to private funds, AVSI started the MEO Center, which is a landmark in the capital Bujumbura for the support of the youth coming from the poorest neighborhoods.

Food security and development. In addition to the capital, AVSI also worked in the provinces of Kayanza and Ngozi, in the north of the country. Since 2007, our staff also works to ensure the food security of the local population, to respond to the food crisis affecting these areas and to promote development through seed distribution and training owners of small farms.

No more violence against women. With the 2016 Tents campaign, #RifugiatiMigranti, AVSI in Burundi has chosen to implement a project to assist and support women who are victims of violence and promote prevention within the family, with the aim of helping more than 25,000 people.

B.P. 3307 Bujumbura
Avenue MPOTSA 11,
Tel.: +257 2225 2579
Fax.: +257 2225 2580


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