Back to the Future: Malek’s journey

Between schools and hospitals, Malek is a true warrior battling cancer from one side and pursuing education from the other.

Countries Lebanon
Date 23.05.2023

Malek (Alias Name) is a 6-year-old boy who lives in one of the camps in Arsal, Lebanon, with his parents and siblings.

At a younger age, Malek had some health issues and had a few surgeries. His health condition was stable until he was diagnosed with cancer at the age of five to start a long journey of intensive treatments.

Eight days per month are the average duration Malek spends in a hospital. His medical condition didn’t allow him to attend school regularly. His mother faced additional challenges while trying to register him in one due to his high rate of absences to follow the treatment sessions.

In October 2022, Malek’s mother visited the “Back to the Future” center to check if Malek can be registered in the classes. The Education Focal Point in the area visited the family to gather more information on the medical history of the child. After studying the medical reports, the classrooms of the center were ready to welcome Malek to the Early Childhood Education (ECE) program.

“We felt a great improvement in Malek’s mood after he joined the program.” Stated his mother, “he resumed his normal daily routine through education and play. He now also has mutual hobbies with his siblings and relatives. According to his doctor, his immune system was also boosted greatly” she added.

With the support of the European Union Humanitarian Aid, AVSI and Terre des Hommes Italy are implementing the “Back to the Future”” project to give Malek the educational and moral boost to continue both his educational and medical journeys with hope and perseverance.

Child supported by AVSI in Lebanon. Back to the future project
Malek, one of the children supported by Back to the future project