Alongside Somali refugees in the Dadaab camp since 2009, AVSI has been working in Somalia since 2018 and set up an AVSI office in 2020


What a lovely place
Oh! Somalia, a lovely place
A diamond in one hundred stones
The Blue in Indian Ocean
Let our hearts be one
Strength and unity
Peace! Peace!

Bishar Mohamed, Somali refugee in Dadaab

AVSI has been working with Somali people since 2009 in the Dadaab refugee camps in Kenya. As a result of the flux of repatriation from Dadaab to Somalia and from the request of the Director General of the Ministry of Education of Jubaland /Somalia (a former refugee in Dadaab), AVSI started to operate in Somalia in 2018 and set up an AVSI office in 2020.

In the Southern region of Lower Juba, at the outskirt of Kismayo, AVSI is implementing a project in favor of 10 villages to help 23,430 internal displaced people regularly hit by drought and floods.

The intervention is realized in collaboration with the local partner WASDA and funded by AICS, the Italian Agency for Development and Cooperation is focused to:

  • reactivation and strengthening production capacity in agriculture, livestock and fishing;
  • construction of hygienic infrastructure, distribution of sanitary products, and improved waste management;
  • increasing prevention and support for people affected by sexual abuse and inclusion of people with disabilities.

AVSI is also implementing a cross-border Kenya-Somalia project to improve inclusive and quality education in Dadaab camp, host community and Dhobley; thanks to American People (U.S. government through BPRM - Bureau for Population, Refugees and Migration - funds).

AVSI Somalia
Kismayo office

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