Ivory Coast

Present in the country since 2008, we work to support the population with educational projects, vocational training and work, support for micro-enterprises and farmers, and energy-generating and environmental activities.

Ivory Coast

AVSI has been working in Ivory Coast for 10 years. In 2008, USAID asked AVSI to support the Ivorian system in terms of care and support to orphans and vulnerable children of HIV/AIDS. Since AVSI has increased its capabilities and intervenes in multiple sectors.

Areas of Intervention

At the heart of the AVSI method is quality education. This engagement was reinforced by the “Integrated School Feeding and Literacy Program”, funded by USDA McGovern-Dole in 7 regions of the country. AVSI implements the literacy component. Faced with the current challenges in Ivory Coast, AVSI has also strengthened its interventions in the areas of health and HIV / AIDS, employment and vocational training, illegal migration, conflict management, social cohesion, civil society and governance as well as reforestation and the environment.


AVSI emphasizes an integrated approach with ministries, civil society organizations and direct beneficiaries. AVSI has built a monitoring and evaluation plan and has applied research with universities in Ivory Coast. This contributes to decision-making based on evidence. To help strenghten the national system, AVSI collaborates with several technical ministries including the Ministry of Women, Child Promotion and Solidarity, the Ministry of Employment and Social Protection, the Ministry of Education National and Vocational Training, the National Program of Social Cohesion, the Ministry of Environment and Water and Forests, etc.

AVSI Côte d’Ivoire

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