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Present in the country since 2008, we work to support the population with educational projects, vocational training and work, support for micro-enterprises and farmers, and environmental activities.

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AVSI’s presence in Côte d’Ivoire began in 2008 in response to a specific request of USAID and PEPFAR to adapt its successful social and educational project for orphans and vulnerable children then ongoing in Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya. We accepted the challenge of adapting to a new context and reaching a large number of beneficiaries while still maintaining our method of building networks and relationships with each individual child and family, and with the surrounding community and associations as all of these have an impact on well-being.

​Between 2008-present, AVSI has deepened relationships with communities, government officials at all levels, schools and households. Projects range from income generation and savings to peace building, youth development and literacy, irregular migration prevention.

Areas of intervention

At the heart of our method is quality education. This engagement was reinforced by the “Integrated School Feeding and Literacy Program”, funded by USDA McGovern-Dole in 7 regions of the country. Faced with the current challenges in Ivory Coast, AVSI has also strengthened its interventions in the areas of health, employment and vocational training, illegal migration, conflict management and the empowerment of the civil society organizations.


We have built a monitoring and evaluation plan and we have launched specific studies and research with local universities for a decision-making process based on evidence. To help strenghten the national system, AVSI collaborates with several technical ministries including the Ministry of Women, Child Promotion and Solidarity, the Ministry of Employment and Social Protection, the Ministry of Education National and Vocational Training, the National Program of Social Cohesion, the Ministry of Environment and Water and Forests.


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Avsi Ivory Coast

Abidjan HQ Office
Cocody-II plateaux, galerie Santa Maria
Abijan, Ivory Coast | Tel: (+225) 22429950

Bouaké Office
Région de BGEKE, Ville de Bouaké, Quartier Air France 3
Bouakè, Ivory Coast
Tel: (+225)89361478

Yamoussoukro Office
Ville de Yamoussoukro, Quartier habitat, Carrefour 44.
Yamaussoukro, Ivory Coast
Tel: (+225)48015902

Guiglo Office
Région de Cavally, Ville de Guiglo, Quartier camps Douane, Lycée Moderne de Guiglo
Giuglo, Ivory Coast
Tel: (+225) 47124536

Touba Office
Région de Bafing, Ville de Touba, Groupe scolaire NADIANI
Touba, Ivory Coast
Tel: (+225)33707033

Bondoukou Office
Région de Gontougo, Ville de Bondoukou
Boundoukou, Ivory Coast
Tel: (+225) 07245534

Tanda Office
Région de Gontougo, Ville de Tanda
Tanda, Ivory Coast
Tel: (+225) 09161372

Bouna Office
Région de Bounkani, Ville de Bouna
Bouna, Ivory Coast
Tel: (+225) 07478208

Korhogo Office
Région de Poro, Ville de Korhogo, Quartier Résidentiel
Korhogo, Ivory Coast
Tel: (+225) 58490954

Ferkéssedougou Office
Région de Tchologo, Ville de Ferkessedougou, Quartier Résidentiel
Ferkéssedougou, Ivory Coast
Tel: (+225) 09438572

Boundiali Office
Région de Bougué, Ville de Boudiali
Boundiali, Ivory Coast
Tel: (+225) 47809173

Daloa Office
Quartier Kirmann
Daloa, Ivory Coast
Tel: (+225) 22429950


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