We have been in the country since 1984, supporting the population with urban development, human rights, education, energy and environmental, vocational training and social responsibility projects. In partnership with our founding members.

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The origin. In 1984, AVSI proposed its first draft land tenure regularization project for the favelas in the city of Belo Horizonte, supporting the missionary work of Rosetta Brambilla and Pigi Bernareggi. In 1993, we began our first distance support project and, the following year, we began two significant urban upgrading projects - Alvorada in Belo Horizonte, and Novos Alagados in Salvador de Bahia.

Areas of work. Having been in Brazil since the 80s, today AVSI has developed a strong presence establishing urban development projects to renovate slum areas within large cities, energy efficiency projects in collaboration with businesses, non-formal and child education projects with a network of 30 local communities, youth work projects in partnership with business, and agricultural and environmental projects.

Urban upgrading. In over 20 years of experience in Brazilian cities, AVSI has developed a know-how and a specific method regarding urban upgrading, exhibited in many international settings such as the G8 and the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences, and documented in studies by organizations such as Cities Alliance. Of particular interest is the work done in Salvador de Bahia in collaboration with the Italian Cooperation and the World Bank.

Trilateral project. In 2010, Italy-Brazil-Mozambique trilateral project began to transfer the urban upgrading methodology we used in Maputo to BeloHorizonte and Salvador.

Training for new generations. In 2004, AVSI began partnership projects between the public and private sectors, involving local enterprises. A significant example is the Arvore da Vida project in Belo Horizonte, in conjunction with FIAT, which in 2011 was studied by Altis. 10 years and 20,367 women and children involved, these are the numbers of FIAT's corporate social responsibility project, that has had an important function in providing young people with a social and educational program that has helped them to continue their schooling and prepared them to enter the workplace. In Rio, AVSI also strengthened its "Ao Trabalho" program, focused on training young people in view of the great sporting events that took place in Brazil.

Human rights. Brazil has the fourth highest prison population in the world, with 600,000 prisoners, of whom nearly 250,000 are awaiting trial. It is still the main human rights problem faced by the country. In this scenario, AVSI supports APAC, prisons without guards or weapons, an excellent project with costs 1/3 of those of ordinary prisons and have a reoffending rate as low as 20%, compared with 80% of ordinary prisons.

The educational challenge. Since 2000, AVSI has implemented a project to assist 30 children's educational centers in the country to support future generations.

A APAC de Nova Lima, em Minas Gerais, recebeu a visita do embaixador Antonio Bernardini. Na ocasião, os "recuperandos",...

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