When the educational space makes a difference: Tima’s story

Tima attends the Basic Literacy and Numeracy class under the “Back to the Future III” project in Shwaya, Lebanon. Her teacher tell us about her improvements.

Countries Lebanon
Date 11.10.2022

The past cannot be changed, but the future holds many possibilities.

Tima (Alias name) lives with her parents and young brother in Shwaya, Lebanon and attends the Basic Literacy and Numeracy class under the “Back to the Future III” project. The ten-year-old girl wants to help the elderly. Thus, she aspires to become a doctor for the elderly in the future.

Tima studies alone at home. “What’s impressive about Tima is that even though she doesn’t have help at home with her homework, she never misses a task and always comes back the following day with questions regarding the things she couldn’t solve on her own.” Her teacher explained.

The progress Tima is having at the center is obvious. Her education improved, as well as her self-confidence.


Tima made huge progress from the time she started coming to the center. She was very shy at first while communicating with me and her classmates. With time this changed a lot, and Tima is now the first student to raise her hand and participate. 

Her teacher explained

The “Back to the Future” project aims to provide children with an inclusive safe space to learn. That is why attending the center daily is a joy for Tima. "The thing I enjoy the most about coming to the center other than learning something new every day is the calm environment”.

BTF - palombi

"Back to the Future" project

The “Back to the Future” project is a stepping stone for the children to have better educational paths and possibilities in the future. It is funded by the European Union in Lebanon, under Haqqi consortium (Save the Children Lebanon), and implemented in partnership by AVSI Middle EastTerre des hommes Italy in Lebanon, and War Child Holland in Lebanon.